A comprehensive action plan
to tackle climate change challenges

The goal of the Transdanubia TCCD and Pilot is to develop a strategic action plan on the farm-to-fork topic through co-creation. Our local partner, the Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency, coordinates the joint effort. The participants are recognized or emerging local producers and service providers from the region who work together on a topic-oriented action plan for the area.

During the TCCD meetings, participants will thematically process and discuss the issues and solution proposals affecting each sector. Given the large size of the region, this process takes place online. Primarily, the tools outlined in Tangram will be used for problem identification, followed by an online discussion and co-creation within the pilot framework among those who commit to participating in the process.

The Pilot, namely the creation of a regional action plan builds on the results of the roundtables developed during the European Capital of Culture program in Veszprém in 2023 and seeks to create synergies. The outcome of the Pilot is a collection of best practices and a document outlining steps to support the implementation of the European Green Deal and the further spread of farm-to-fork movements. By approaching the farm-to-fork movement from different perspectives and across different sectors, various stakeholders can engage in a broad discourse within the region. Later, the co-created material can be used in policy making.

Pilot Details

  • Country: Hungary
  • Administrative level: Regional
  • Local Partner: University of Szeged
  • Topic: Climate, Transport, Agriculture, Environment
  • Main Objectives: Build a local 2030 agenda to promote sustainability for the territory
  • Pilot website: cm-odemira.pt

Cover copyright: Municipality of Odemira

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