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We are a group of practitioners in Democratic Innovations (DI) that has already walk a long road together, forging a common forward-looking spirit and a precise commitment to improve the quality of our democracies.

In the past, through action, research, and experiments we have observed and supported many committed public authorities in building and consolidating participatory and deliberative practices.

We want to test our trust and commitment to our common path by facing our greatest challenge yet: the European Green Deal (EGD). Armed with our toolbox of DI methods and techniques, can we rise up to the task of assisting such a continental-wide, epochal transformation?


PHOENIX Conversations

Our Project Coordinator, Giovanni Allegretti, talks about PHOENIX and its main objectives.

Why and for whom is PHOENIX relevant? Can Democratic Innovations help solve the citizens’ lack of trust in political institutions?

Learn more about PHOENIX’s potential impact, watch this PHOENIX Conversation!

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