We believe that, when it comes to creating a just and fair future, every voice should count. This page is dedicated to testimonies, experiences and opinions that scholars, experts, citizens and PHOENIX partners are longing to share.

PHOENIX ConversationsMeet the Partner, In a Nutshell, and Citizens Voices are our video formats to help people understand why participation and deliberation are key to addressing environmental issues and ensuring policies’ success.

PHOENIX Conversations

Our Project Coordinator, Giovanni Allegretti, explains what PHOENIX is and why and for whom it is relevant.

Goura Nataraj, Stata Representative of Paranà, talks about citizen participation and green transition.

Giulia Tosoni, Municipality of Milano, talks about the importance of youth participation for the future of democracy.

Graham Smith, chair of KNOCA talks about the importance of citizen participation in climate governance.

Yves Dejaeghere, Executive Director of FIDE talks about Climate Assemblies and their role at the European level.

Peter Bryant, director of Shared Future, talks about the importance of people’s involvement in decision-making regarding climate policies.

Adeline Otto, postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven, shows how socio-economic factors might shape climate policies’ effectiveness.

Federica Genovese, Associate Professor at University of Essex, explains the role of international cooperation for climate policies.

Malcom Fairbrother, Professor of Sociology at Umeå University (Sweden) talks about Europeans’ behaviour regarding climate change.

Ulderico Maggi, president of ABCittà, talks about the importance of youth engagement in participatory processes.

Lise Deshautel, co-founder of KNOCA, explains the relevance of citizens’ participation in climate assemblies.

Pari Esfandiari, President of Global TechnoPolitics Forum discusses the role of technology in democratic practices.

Davide Casaleggio, CEO of Casaleggio & Associati and Camelot, explores the role of digital tools in citizen engagement and participation.

Andrea Felicetti, Senior Assistant Professor at the University of Padua, discusses inclusivity’s importance in participatory processes.

Francesca Fazio, Member of Avventura Urbana, talks about the role of practitioners in ensuring inclusivity within participatory processes.

Iolanda Romano, Founder of Avventura Urbana, discusses the key features and challenges of a deliberative process.

Diogo Vidal, Senior Researcher at the University of Coimbra, explores the challenges of including non-human entities in participatory processes.

Meet the Partner

Meet Rafaela Scheiffer, Researcher at Oficina (Portugal).

Meet Kristina Reinsalu, Programme Director of
e-Democracy at e-Governance Academy (Estonia).

Meet Gyula Nagy, Lecturer at the University of Szeged (Hungary).

Meet Iacopo Zetti, Professor at University of Florence (Italy).

Meet Ernesto Ganuza, Researcher at Instituto de Políticas y Bienes Públicos (Spain).

Meet Dimitris Ballas, Professor of Economic Geography (Netherlands).

Meet Sophie Guillain, Executive Director of Res publica (France).

Meet Benjamin Henning, Professor at the University of Iceland (Iceland).

Meet Maarten de Groot, Consultant at The Good Lobby (Netherlands).

Meet Fátima Alves, Senior Researcher for University of Coimbra (Portugal).

In a Nutshell

What does Energy justice mean?

What does Empowerment mean?

What does Digital tools for engagement mean?

What does PHOENIX Tangram mean?

What does Participatory mapping mean?

What does Deliberation mean?

What does Social simulations mean?

What does Social construction of nature mean?